Poole Pottery Animals

The Poole Pottery dolphin is the most popular animal that was produced, but they are many animals that have been given the Poole Pottery touch. From birds to smaller animals such as frogs, these pieces of pottery are seriously collectable, look good and don't take up to much space.

Find the missing piece to your collection by browsing through the items below.

10 Poole Pottery Animal Wildlife Plates £19.99

Vintage Poole Pottery 4 Section Hors Doeuvres Marine Animals 1950s £5.50

Poole pottery bird on pinecone Barbara Linley Adams stoneware ornament £8.99


Poole Pottery Dolphin from this historic British factory now closed £2.99

Poole Pottery Leaping Mid Century Dolphin Ornament Turquoise Black 11 inches £23.00

Poole Pottery Dog Afghan Hound Designed by Bert Baggaley excellent condition £20.00

Beautiful Dolphin By Poole Pottery 23 x15cms £2.99

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