About Poole Pottery

In 1873, Jesse Carter, a builder's merchant and Ironmonger by trade, bought a near derelict pottery in the coastal town of Poole, Dorset.

He steadily grew the business and it was handed down to his son's, Charles and Owen. In the 1920's, Charles introduced his son Cyril to the business and it is items from this period right into the 1930's that are the most desirable.

The business survived the Second World War, but succumbed in 2006 when the company was finally shut down.

Its famous factory on Poole Quay is now an upmarket block of flats but the heritage of Poole Pottery still lives on through the Poole Pottery Shop, which is still in its original location.

The Poole Pottery brand was bought by the company behind the Royal Stafford Pottery range and it is now produced in their Stoke on Trent factory.

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